Shannon Soper


Nice to meet you :)

I’m a Product Designer with a passion for solving difficult design problems. I have a background in teaching college-level writing and creating online learning experiences. In 2017, I switched to product design and have loved designing developer tools.

Other hobbies: cooking, reading science fiction and classic literature, playing piano and guitar, taking art and improv classes, and hiking with my family.


How Gatsby Does High-Impact, Low-Effort UX Research (and You Can Too!)

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  • Resume
  • Contract Senior Product Designer at — 2023-2024
  • Product Designer at Postman — 2 years — 2021-2023
  • Product Designer at GatsbyJS — 4 years — 2017-2021
  • Instructional designer for online and face-to-face classes for 6 years
  • MA in English: Rhetoric emphasis

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