Shannon Soper


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Being yourself in a job hunt, and not taking rejection personally

21 June, 2024

In an uncertain world and hyper-competitive job market, product designer hiring decisions are often made based upon factors not obvious in job descriptions. So, to save yourself time and headache, avoid over-tailoring your resume or portfolio and focus instead on consistently broadcasting your top strengths.

Designing v0.1

15 March, 2024

I designed an app that uses AI to make smart grocery shopping lists, organized by store sections and updated according to your kitchen’s contents.

Speedy onboarding with

04 February, 2024

Helping users interact with AI using prompt templates

Taking advantage of existing UX research

30 January, 2024

There are many ways to answer questions about users, not just interviews.

What’s unique about developer tool design?

24 October, 2023

All product design shares the same fundamental design principles, and yet the way a designer executes on those principles often looks very different in developer tools.