Shannon Soper



Analyzing video transcripts with AI

AI is great at empowering users to analyze video transcripts.

Iterating on Gatsby Builds Dashboard

This revised dashboard enabled Gatsby to come out of beta and launch its commercial offering.

Postman Checkout Flow

Successfully helped more users decide Postman was worth purchasing by replacing the checkout flow's card design with a feature comparison table.

Creating an “Aha!” Moment for New Postman Users

This design helped more Postman users experience their first “aha!” moment.

Gatsby Projects Tour

A collection of portfolio presentations that showcase most of my Gatsby projects.

Gatsby Preview

Because Gatsby websites often pull content from multiple sources, content creators needed a way to see content and identify its source in order to edit it.

Gatsby Cloud Onboarding

I redesigned Gatsby Cloud onboarding with smart defaults to reduce the user’s cognitive load.

The Nope Game App

This game acts like a friend who helps me decide whether to say yes or no when someone asks me to do something.

Hacktoberfest Docs Contributions

I partnered with a developer to make it easy for open source folks to contribute to Gatsby. Gatsby appeared in Hacktoberfest’s top projects to contribute to in 2018.

Gatsby Documentation Sidebar

I revised documentation navigation to match users’ mental models and vocabulary.

Gatsby Tutorial

More users finished the tutorial after my redesign. I broke up the content into bite-sized pieces and reduced pesky errors through better code snippet design.

The Gatsby Plugin Library

Since the launch of the Plugin Library, which I designed, the library has grown from 51 plugins to 3,000+ plugins.

Instructure Sales Training

I created and ran a month-long online course to train sales people in a new methodology.